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more than just a blanket

Binkeez for Comfort® has the humbling privilege of positively effecting

the lives of thousands of children facing life threatening illnesses.

Our Mission

Binkeez for Comfort® is a Guidestar Platinum-accredited 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Binkeez mission is to provide blankets to babies and children struggling to survive life-threatening illnesses, acute developmental and neurological disorders and severe burns, all the while offering support to parents, siblings and caregivers.

Sponsor or Donate

Our organization supports programs in leading children’s hospitals supporting pediatric oncology, ICU, organ transplant, end of life and palliative care. 

Request a Binkeez

To ensure Binkeez for Comfort® blankets reach those fighting illnesses away from the comforts of home, we only gift to those who are actively in care of a hospital or other healthcare facility. Eligible requests may be submitted by a parent, family member and/or legal guardian of the blanket recipient. Fabrics and blanket sizes are chosen by Binkeez for Comfort® based on the information provided.

Buy a Binkeez

Buy a Binkeez.  Give a Binkeez.  When you purchase a Binkeez, it funds a Binkeez for Comfort® blanket for a child our organization will be honored to support.


Binkeez Impact At-a-Glance


Number of children supported with a blanket and more - love, hope and comfort.


Number of children with life threatening illnesses supported.


Number of hospitals Binkeez for Comfort® Partners with.


Help support children and families afflicted with an acute medical crisis.

Angels Among Us

When a child flies into the arms of the angels, Binkeez for Comfort® provides deliberate and conscious acts of love for all our angel families.


Every new fabric is named and dedicated after a child facing a life-threatening illness. The children and fighters are what drive our mission.


We are committed to providing front line support for children and families starting the journey of childhood cancer.


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