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Our Mission

Binkeez for Comfort® executes this mission by donating bespoke, certified safe blankets to infants and children struggling with a life threatening illness, a developmental or neurological disorder, or a severe burn. Binkeez for Comfort® is privileged to provide comfort to these infants and children while simultaneously supporting their siblings as well as their parents and caregivers.

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The Binkeez for Comfort Story

Binkeez for Comfort® honors the legacy of Founder and COO Susan Posterro’s mother, Lynne, who has sewn over 40,000 blankets for children in third world countries. Binkeez for Comfort’s blankets are a natural extension to that spirit of giving.

Each Binkeez blanket is made from the very best fabrics sourced exclusively from Shannon Fabrics. These fabrics are both lead-free and hypo-allergenic. Furthermore they are independently tested to pass consumer safety act protection laws as well as government safety standards. Each Binkeez blanket is hand-crafted by one of our dedicated volunteers to figuratively and literally wrap patients and their families in love and hope for healing, comfort and survival. Each blanket is constructed from fabrics that are lead-free and hypo-allergenic, and the fabric has been independently tested to pass Consumer Safety Act Protection Laws and government safety standards.

The driving force behind our organization is to support the most critical pediatric patients. Child life specialists within the hospitals we serve note the benefits of Binkeez to improving outcomes among patients and their families. When a child feels safe and less anxious the body is better able to fight disease. Binkeez for Comfort® has the humbling privilege of positively effecting the lives of thousands of children facing life threatening illnesses. Occasionally our outreach has the opposite result, which is to say that a child has more of an impact on us than we do on them. A fighter who inspires us to continue the mission of assisting and supporting children facing the unthinkable.

We have a modest but heartfelt way of giving back to and thanking the families of these children whose unfailing courage motivates the entire Binkeez for Comfort® Team. We memorialize a blanket in the child’s name under our “Inspirations Program”. The blanket’s fabric will be a special and previously unused pattern. The child will receive the first child-sized blanket hand-cut and hand-sewn from the initial bolt of the new Inspiration Fabric. Also, from the second cutting the family will receive an adult-sized blanket, crafted in the same loving way.

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