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Our Work

Binkeez for Comfort® has the humbling privilege of positively affecting the lives of thousands of children facing life threatening illnesses. Our outreach creates meaningful connections that inspire us to continue the mission of assisting and supporting children facing the unthinkable. Our outreach is expressed through six different and focused, one blanket a time, program.

Through our Hospital Program we support patients and their families at a growing number of leading Children’s Hospitals throughout the United States. These hospitals consistently tell us that our blankets have a positive, cascading impact. The initial warmth and comfort can lead to more rest and less stress, which in turn can lead to a more positive outcome. Child life specialists refer to these kinds of reactions as “clinical benefits”. Children’s Hospitals have accredited Binkeez not only for the serenity provided by our blankets, made in a safe, exposure-free environment and placed in hospital approved packaging. Beyond these important accreditation’s, hospitals view us as a trusted partner — a partner who is reliably compliant with guidelines, regulations and protocols.


Through our Individual Binkeez Request Program, we donate Binkeez directly to families and children across the country who reach out to us for comfort.


Through our Inspiration Program we honor and thank the families whose children inspire us to continue our mission by memorializing in the child’s name a Binkeez made from a new, previously unused pattern.


Through our Angels Among Us Program we send to families enduring the loss of a child a remembrance expression to acknowledge the passing of a child who transitions from their earthly being.


Through our Comfort for Community Support Program we donate Binkeez to several organizations in our local community with whom we have partnered to provide routine support.


Through our Build a Binkeez Program we will (this program is beginning soon) enhance our existing one-on-one approach with both our individual requests and our hospital programs by enabling patients to create their own unique Binkeez.


Each blanket is constructed from fabrics that are lead-free and hypo-allergenic, and the fabric has been independently tested to pass Consumer Safety Act Protection Laws and government safety standards. Each Binkeez blanket is created by our dedicated volunteers to figuratively and literally wrap patients, and their families in love and hope for healing and survival.

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