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Our Inspirations

Binkeez for Comfort® has the humbling privilege of positively effecting the lives of thousands of children facing life threatening illnesses. Occasionally our outreach has the opposite result, which is to say that a child has more of an impact on us than we do on them. A fighter who inspires us to continue the mission of assisting and supporting children facing the unthinkable.

We have a modest but heartfelt way of giving back to and thanking the families of these children whose unfailing courage motivates the entire Binkeez for Comfort® Team. We memorialize a blanket in the child’s name under our “Inspirations Program”. The blanket’s fabric will be a special and previously unused pattern. The child will receive the first child-sized blanket hand-cut and hand-sewn from the initial bolt of the new Inspiration Fabric. Also, from the second cutting the family will receive an adult-sized blanket, crafted in the same loving way.

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