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Susan Posterro

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Susan is an activist, philanthropist, author, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Binkeez for Comfort®. Since departing from her over 20 year career, the journey walking alongside terminally and critically ill children has taught her so much about love and strength while forever changing her perspective and heart.

Susan was nominated and awarded the Worcester Business Journal 40 under 40 award in 2011 for her non-profit work.

There has been no looking back for Susan since realizing the gift and importance of helping others that have not been given the gift of good health. She is very happy to be back to her roots, the Binkeez blankets which she started with her mom.


I believe everyone is beautiful

I believe compassion is powerful

I believe in high fives and not handshakes

I believe imagination is just

important as knowledge

I believe in believing

I believe in giving

I believe in love…

The ABCs of Love A Love Story.jpg

When sleepless nights ensued from the efforts of running a non profit responsible for supporting the bravest of lives, she began writing down the story of the love her mother instilled in her as a child…the love that was and will always be the roots of this organization. Those writings soon blossomed into the beginnings of a manuscript which in turn became a dream: a dream to publish and share the origins of Binkeez and the hearts that have been touched and touched us in return. Serendipitously and blessedly, Lampion Press signed to publish this story of love as a children’s book entitled “The ABCs of Love: A Love Story."


Speaker on consciously listening to the gift within your heart and then leaving your heart imprint where love is needed the most. Each one of us has been given a gift, it is up to us to define what that gift is and the threads that make up and define our gifts. The story and journey of BinkeezLove empowers the iLove within you.

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Susan has been actively involved in non-profit work since 1999. She has been honored to work with:

March of Dimes

Co-chair for annual Gala, donating blankets to local NICU’s, participating in National Premature Awareness Day at all New England Level 3 NICU’s.

National Children’s Non-Profit

Board of Trustee, Director of Family Services and Creative Director

Tara Bean Foundation

Her work with the Tara Bean Foundation are her true and special roots. Tara Katherine Bean, of Shrewsbury, MA, was a typical, energetic fourth grader who enjoyed soccer, piano, dance lessons, skiing, reading, music, and of course – shopping at the mall! She loved and cared deeply for animals and often talked of becoming a veterinarian someday.

Although Tara had no symptoms, a routine school eye exam found a vision problem that led to the discovery of a brain tumor. Just three short weeks after her diagnosis, and one day after the surgery that revealed a fragile, inoperable tumor, Tara died unexpectedly from complications. The Tara Bean Foundation mission is to secure and allocate funds for medical research and treatment enhancements.

Susan spent an entire year traveling and competing in marathons, triathlons, extreme races and even pulling a FedEx jet with her triathlon team, We Tri Like Girlz, to raise money for the Tara Bean Foundation.  (The Tara Bean Foundation supports brain cancer research advancement.) Their team raised over $20,000 in this one year time period. This work with the Foundation and Tara’s family and truly understanding Tara’s short but brave fight, forever changed the course of her life. Knowing that by kicking off the high heels, lacing up the sneakers, some hard work, sweat and even tears of the gift in being part of something for the better of others. If you have been given the gift of good health, you need to help those that have not been given that gift.

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